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A message from Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young:
Welcome to the CitiWatch Community Partnership, and thank you for helping to make Baltimore a safer city. This innovative public-private partnership allows residents to help the Baltimore Police Department directly by sharing important information, saving valuable resources, and helping to apprehend criminals.
Strong neighborhoods form the backbone of a vibrant Baltimore. By joining the CitiWatch Community Partnership, you can help send a clear message to would-be criminals: “Our community does not tolerate crime, and I am working with the Baltimore Police Department to make my neighborhood safer.”
What is a CitiWatch Community Partnership?

The CitiWatch Community Partnership is an innovative plan by the City of Baltimore to partner with local businesses and residents to fight crime and make Baltimore safer.

The Community Partnership is a voluntary registry that contains the location and owner information of privately owned surveillance systems—information that is valuable to the Baltimore Police Department in the event of a crime. This cooperative community effort will not only enable faster and more effective responses to crime, but also save precious law enforcement resources.

  • Better Access – The Community Partnership is a voluntary registry of surveillance systems that will allow police to locate valuable evidence faster.
  • Commitment – Joining CitiWatch and the Baltimore Police in the fight against crime and displaying your CitiWatch Community Partnership placard shows your commitment to a safer neighborhood and a better Baltimore.
  • Cooperation – The Community Partnership is designed to increase cooperation and communication, and to improve relationships between business owners, the community, and the police. These relationships are an important tool in the fight against crime.

Many businesses and homeowners in Baltimore City operate private security camera systems. Maintaining an accurate record of these cameras is crucial, as it greatly assists the police in locating valuable evidence, saving investigative resources, and more importantly, conserving tax-payer time and money.

CitiWatch Community Partnership:

  • Saves resources.
  • Helps police locate evidence.
  • Allows for faster and more successful apprehension and prosecution of criminals.
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